Counseling Services

Counseling Services


The ever challenging demands of growth, change, and the expanding horizons of learning are at times stressful, and often require an adjustment of attitudes and coping skills. We are here to help you succeed! Our staff of professional counselors are dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

Location & Hours

Phone Number: (210) 832-5656

Location and Hours: We are now on three different campuses. Please call to set up your appointment.

                   Broadway Campus: Administration Building, Suite 438: M-Fri 8:00a-5:00 p.m

                   School of Osteopathic Medicine (SOM): Room B151: M-F 8:00 -5:00p



Counseling services are available to students enrolled at the University of the Incarnate Word and its affiliate high schools. Consultation services are available to faculty, staff, and administrators. The most common services for students include the following.

  • Consultation about students personal and mental health concerns
  • Supportive Counseling to help students manage developmental situational, or stressful/ traumatic events
  • Relationship/Family Counseling
  • Treatment for a psychological condition when short term intervention is appropriate
  • Assessment for fitness to practice in a health profession or other professional field
  • Screening and assessment for disorders that impact learning
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Psycho education/Group Services aimed at helping student build personal skills that help them manage behavioral health issues and succeed in the University setting
  • Referral to off campus Behavioral health resources such as psychiatrists, psychologist, substance abuse counselors, or other specialty therapists/ support groups. In these cases, the students would assume financial responsibility for services received outside of the university.

Unfortunately, We do not provide assessment or paperwork for emotional support animals, service animals, or therapy animals.

Counseling Cost

UIW students are allowed 12 counseling sessions at no charge beginning September 1, 2018 through August 31 2019.. After a student has received 12 counseling sessions within that time frame, additional services within the calendar year will be billed to their insurance and a co-pay will be required depending on the students insurance benefits.


Insurances we accept:

CHP, Blue Cross Blue-Shield, Cigna, United Health Care, Aetna, and Gilsbar


A psychiatrist is on staff part-time in Counseling Services to provide psychiatric evaluation and medication management services for eligible students currently engaged in short-term counseling at the Center. To provide optimal care for our students, appointments with the psychiatrist are by counselor referral only, and student must be actively engaged in counseling at Counseling Services to be eligible for psychiatric services and must be at least 18 years of age. Students requiring more frequent or higher acuity care than Counseling Services can provide will be referred to community providers. Sessions with the psychiatrist are available by appointment only. Medication refills will be prescribed during scheduled appointments only.

Cost of Psychiatrist Services

Beginning August 1, 2018, students eligible for psychiatric services will have their insurance billed and will be required to pay a co-pay. If the student has the student health insurance (CHP), the co-pay will be $10 per session. If the student has another mainstream insurance that is accepted by the counseling center, the student will be charged the standard co-pay required by their insurance. If the student does not have any insurance or has an insurance that is not accepted by Behavioral Health Services, the student will be asked to pay a $10 fee per additional counseling sessions. Co-pays or fees can be paid with cash, or credit/debit card. We will work with each student regardless of the situation to support access to needed services.

Crisis Information

During business hours

Call (210) 832-5656 or come directly to the Counseling office in AD 438.  You will be seen by the first available counselor.

Outside of business hours

If you are on campus, please contact Campus Police at (210) 829-6030 or Health Services at (210) 829-6017 or notify a Resident Assistant. 

If you are off campus, please contact any of the following resources:

If someone is injured or is a serious threat to self or others, call 911 immediately. You can ask for a CIT officer if the person you are concerned about his mental health issues. These are officers with special mental health training*