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The UIW Federal Work Study (FWS) Program provides part-time employment opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help supplement the costs of a postsecondary education. It also encourages students receiving FWS assistance to participate in community service activities and develop real world employment experience.

How to Apply:

A work study award does not guarantee job placement. It is the student's responsibility to contact departments regarding job openings.The student must apply and secure a contract before they can utilize their FWS award.

Work Study Information

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The Word on Work Study:

"Being a work study for the athletics department has helped me gain a lot of real world experience that will set me apart once I graduate and look for jobs in the sports field. It's an amazing opportunity to be able to gain this much experience while still being an undergrad." -Alma S (Athletics)

Work study student Alma posing in front of Safeco Field as part of her work study job


"Work study is a great way to gain work experience and earn a little income, while pursing an education. Working for Feik School of Pharmacy (FSOP) has taught me how to work in a professional work environment as I enjoy working closely with the staff and being able to learn new skills."
-Wyomi A (FSOP)

FWS Wyomi

"Mission and Ministry provides a safe and calm environment for all! I enjoy working with my colleagues and my job allows me to be very involved at UIW." -Brandon B (Mission and Ministry)

FWS Brandon


"Working for First Year Engagement has helped me become a better Peer Mentor to first year students. I enjoy helping others whether it’s my supervisors, UIW parents, or other students. It’s great that work study is flexible and it has helped me become organized!” -Gabby H. (FYE)

FWS Gabby

“Work study is flexible with my clinical schedule and also helps with expenses I incur as a commuter student. As a first generation student, it’s nice to have supportive supervisors to help and guide me.”  -Tori F. (Career Services)



“Work study is flexible with my class schedule and the best part is having a domain that allows me to work and be a successful student!” -Natalia R. (Help Desk)

FWS Natalia


"Work study is beneficial because future employers ask about my duties in the Grants Accounting Office and it gives me a competitive edge against other candidates. Even though I receive VA education benefits, I can still do work study to gain experience and earn extra income." -Kyle M. (Grants Accounting)

fws kyle

“As an NCAA athlete, it is difficult to find a job that is flexible with my practice times. I found a work study job that works with my schedule and allows me to earn funds for other expenses.” -Luis V. (Financial Aid)

FWS Luis