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Needlestick Coverage: Allied Health Professions Students are required to have insurance coverage for subsequent lab testing in the event of an exposure to blood or body fluids due to an accidental needle stick. If you have purchased the University's Student Health Insurance Plan, you are automatically covered.

If you have private insurance, a rider is available for a nominal fee.

Please follow the instructions for this rider or if any problems, please contact Student Assurances directly at (800) 328-2739.

Click on link below to purchase Needle Stick Coverage through Student Assurance Services:

Needlestick Coverage Enrollment

or manually log onto

  • Select College, Student; Click on “look up school”
  • At the pull down menu select Texas
  • At the next pull down menu, select “University of the  Incarnate Word—Domestic Students”
  • Select 2016-2017 NeedleStick Purchase Online
  • On this form provide all required information, Select Premium ($10.00) for the needlestick coverage for the year
  • Provide Credit Card Information and Electronic Signature
  • Submit and provide a copy of your receipt to Health Services