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How do I find out the status of my application for employment?

Log in to, click on manage jobs and the applicant can see the status of the application.   If the status say’s “under review by manager” then the applicant is still considered for the position.  Applicants will receive an email if they are not being considered for the position.

I submitted my application for a job but I want to make changes to it, can I do this?

No, once an application has been submitted the applicant can’t make any changes to the application.  If the applicant withdraws their application from the job posting, he or she will no longer be able to apply for this position again. 

I want to update my cover letter and resume to a job I already applied to, can I do this?

Yes, the applicant can make changes to his or her cover letter and/or resume by emailing the updated resume and cover letter to Human Resources at  The Human Resources department can upload the new resume and cover letter to the particular position he or she applied for.

Why can’t I attach documents to my application?

Make sure the documents are in Word or unprotected PDF format.  Also, the documents must be smaller than 5MB.  If transcripts are too large and you cannot reduce the size, please email the transcripts to the Human Resources department at and we will gladly upload the transcripts for you.  

I am on the employment history page and I do not see the save and continue to next button?

To continue to the next page you must add at least one entry to the employment history.  You will start by clicking on add new entry, enter the employment information and click on add entry when data is complete.  This will take you back to the employment history page to either add another entry or continue to the next page.  Note that anything with a red asterisk will need to be completed.     



How do I obtain a request for verification of employment?

Human Resources will not conduct verbal verifications. Former employees need to send a signed release (electronic signatures are acceptable) with the request, to (210) 829-3847.  Turnaround time is 24 to 48 hours.      

How do I change my mailing address?

You will need to complete a change of name, address or telephone form which can be found on the MyWord Portal under the Employee tab.

Where can I find the W-4 form and the direct deposit form?

The W-4 and direct deposit forms can be found on the MyWord Portal under the Employee tab.



When do I start to receive the UIW match for my retirement?

An employee receives the 7% UIW retirement match when he or she has worked for the University full-time for at least one year or the new employee has worked for a previous educational institution full-time for one year.  

Can I change my retirement contributions at any time?

Yes, you can make changes to your retirement contributions at any time throughout the year.  You can make the changes either on the TIAA-CREF website at or you can fill out a new Salary Reduction Agreement Form found on the Human Resources website under benefits. 

Where can I find how much sick and vacation time I have?

All employees can find their sick and vacation by logging into MyWord and click on “Employee Information”.  On this site you have access to leave balances, tax forms, benefit deductions and more.  

How do I change my benefits, can I do this now?

It depends; every April UIW has an open enrollment for benefits.  This allows employees to make any changes to their benefit plans at this time.  However, if an employee has a life changing event, such as, a birth of a child or a spouse loses his or her job, your benefits can change.  Please contact the Human Resources Benefits Coordinator for more information about what would qualify for a life changing event.  

How do I enroll in Short Term Disability?

UIW’s Short Term Disability is administered by Aflac.  If you have any questions about the plan and the rates, please contact Allison De Paoli at 210-857-4322 or email at


Tuition Waiver:

Do I have to enroll in UIW before I can apply for tuition waiver?

Yes, you must meet the admission requirements of UIW before you can apply for Tuition Waiver Benefits.

What does tuition waiver cover?

Tuition waiver only covers academic tuition.  It does not include fees, books, room and board, etc.

Do I lose my tuition waiver benefits if I am not in satisfactory academic status?

You must maintain a satisfactory academic status to continue to receive tuition waiver benefits.  Please see the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy below for additional Information.

Do I have to complete a tuition waiver form every semester?

Yes, waivers are due each semester, session and/or term. Deadline is 14 calendar days after the last day to add a course.    

Do I have to apply for FAFSA, to receive the tuition waiver benefit?

Yes, all students applying for tuition waiver must first apply for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Where can I find the tuition waiver form?

Tuition waiver forms are located on the HR website under forms.

I am taking Doctoral courses at UIW can I apply for tuition waiver?

No, employees can only receive tuition waiver benefits for undergraduate and Master level courses.

My spouse wants to take a Master level course at UIW, would tuition waiver apply?

No, spouses and dependents only receive tuition waiver benefits for undergraduate courses.   

When can I start using the Tuition Exchange Program?

You must have 2 years of full-time service to be eligible for the Tuition Exchange Program.

Where can I find additional information on Tuition Waiver and the Tuition Exchange Program?

The Tuition Waiver and Tuition Exchange Policy can be found on the HR website under Policies.

Which schools participate in the Brainpower Connection?

The schools in the Brainpower Connection are the University of the Incarnate Word; St. Anthony Elementary School, and its developmental pre-school, the Katherine Ryan Program; St. Peter Prince of Apostles Elementary School; Incarnate Word High School, for young women; St. Anthony Catholic High School, for young men and women; and UIW Preparatory, an online college preparatory high school.