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Now that you have been accepted to UIW, there are various steps you need to take to assure a smooth arrival to San Antonio.  The International Student and Scholar Services Office will be sending you emails and updates prior to the semester starting with Orientation details and arrival information.  

Here are a few reminders on your next steps:

Step 1: Pay your SEVIS fee – You will receive your DS2019/I20 form via DHL from the International Student Office.  Within this package are various information sheets on what you need to do.  International Students must pay their SEVIS fee prior to scheduling their visa appointment. 

Step 2: Schedule Visa Appointment – Make sure to schedule your visa appointment as early as possible to assure plenty of time to process your visa application and receive your passport back. 

Step 3: Submit Proof of Meningitis Vaccine - Beginning October 1, 2013, Texas law requires all new students under the age of 22 to provide proof of immunization against bacterial meningitis within five years prior to registering for classes. The law, which applies to students at all higher education institutions, both public and private, is meant to protect the health and well being of all on campus. UIW's Health Services offers vaccinations against bacterial meningitis; more information may be found on the Health Services web site. Vaccinations may also be obtained from local clinics, or your primary care physician.

Step 4: Apply for Housing - Housing is assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis from date of application and deposit being received.  Information on housing options and the application can be accessed through the Housing Portal. Be prepared to submit a $225 deposit and proof of vaccine.

Step 5: Visa Status & Arrival Information – Once you have completed your visa interview, please email the outcome to  If you have been granted a visa and plan to live on-campus, transportation is provided to the campus within orientation arrival dates.  Be sure to email the International Student Office at to arrange for airport pick-up and to schedule your flights based on the arrival dates listed in your information packet.

Step 6: Registration & English Proficiency – Undergraduate students will be preregistered for classes prior to arrival.  Graduate and doctoral students are required to meet with their academic advisor (listed in acceptance letter) prior to registering.  These students are encouraged to start communicating with their advisor upon receiving their visa to schedule an appointment for registration.   Any student with conditional admission will be given an ESL Placement test upon arrival to determine course registration and fees. 

Step 7: Attend International Orientation – ALL international students are required to attend International Orientation at the beginning of their first semester.  Be sure to bring your passport, DS2019/I20 and I94 card to orientation, as copies are required to be on file.  Information on immigration regulations, registration, English language requirements, student services, campus tour, dorm move-in, etc. will be addressed at orientation.