IRD Information for Faculty & Staff

Introducing the *new Managed Print Services Program


In the summer of 2017 the University began implementing a new managed print service in partnership with Dahill providing Xerox multi-function printers. This effort seeks to:

  • Provide reliable and fully featured devices for all employee/student print, copy, or scanning
  • Ensure transparency and accounting of all print to be good stewards of UIW funds
  • Decrease support requirements (and downtime) by partnering with a high caliber print company
  • Offer a highly secure and very flexible University wide print infrastructure 


All units are capable of black&white and color printing along with copying as well as scanning to email.  The various printer models only differ in their speeds and capacities. Units can have a fax card added to them if required.  All units are also fielded with installed ID card readers that are used to quickly identify users.

Unlike many direct printing models which had users chose a single "printer" to print to, users now can print to a secure virtual printer called "UIW Print Anywhere".  This allows employees to print and release the job to ANY printer in the UIW managed print program.  

All prints are securely held until the user swipes their ID card and releases the print job. Users that forget their ID cards can also login with their username and password on the main printer screen.  Note:  Print jobs are only held for 24 hours after they are printed, at which point the print job is deleted.

Users who print very frequently in a secure space can be setup to print directly to a specific printer and will not have to swipe their ID.  


During the initial setup in each school/department a technician will help make sure you are setup to print to the right printer.

If you are curious about installing the software yourself or would like to map a personal computer the instructions for setting up "UIW Print Anywhere" are available here for PC and here for Mac.



In addition to printing from a UIW laptop or desktop there are several other ways to print.

Web printing - Employees are able to upload print jobs to the UIW Print Anywhere queue from any Internet connected computer through a web page.  As a result, users can print from off campus and pick up their print job at any UIW Print connected printer.  Instructions for web print are available here.

Mobile Printing - Employees will be able to print directly from Smartphones, Tablets, and other similar mobile devices. This feature is currently in testing and will be rolled out soon. 

USB Printing - Employees can print from USB devices by plugging into the printer and swiping their ID.


The managed print program funds the initial purchase of the print devices, provides for ongoing toner replacement, and includes service calls (all parts, labor, and preventative maintenance). The program is funded through a per print charge on all printers.  The cost table below applies to all employees and students who print to one of the managed print devices. 

Per Page Cost  Single Sided Double Sided
Black and White $.06 $.04
Color $.24 $.20

Note:  The default settings for all printers are black and white and double sided.  These settings can be changed when printing in printer properties. 

PAPER:  Paper is not part of the managed print program. All departments will continue to source paper as they have done previously.

NEW PRINTERS AND TONER:  Effective immediately, the University will no longer purchase new desktop printers in anticipation of full scale implementation.  The University has surplus printers that can be temporarily fielded to meet any critical needs that should arise.  After managed printers are installed within a department or school, the University will no longer purchase toner.  

EMPLOYEE/DEPARTMENT PRINT CHARGES:  Employees ARE NOT personally charged to print.  All employees (full time and part time) printing will be charged back to the primary department they are assigned to.  This is true from ANY printer in the UIW Print program.  For example, if an employee prints on a printer in the Library the print charge will still be associated with their assigned (primary) department.  Unlike students, employees may see a negative balance in Papercut.  This is to be expected and it will not impact the employee's ability to print.  

The department charge back will happen on a monthly basis.  Detailed reports of per user print/copy/scan usage will be provided to department leadership to help them better understand their print costs.  


All students will begin the year with $1.00 in their UIW print account.  Students add money to their print account through the UIW MyWord Portal using a credit card, debit card, or prepaid card. Click here for student instructions on adding money.

The GoPrint system will no longer be in operation.  If students have GoPrint cards with value on them, they can transfer this value into the new system by visiting the Library circulation desk or the Help Desk.


Toner - Toner levels are monitored proactively and when toner levels fall below 25% new toner will be shipped directly to where it is required.  

Support - If there is a printer problem, a Dahill service technician can be requested directly from the printer or through the UIW help desk (instructions are posted above each printer).  Dahill has a 4 hour response service level agreement with UIW.  Don't forget if one printer is having an issue, employees and students can release their print job at any UIW Print connected printer (all Xerox machines).  


As of the August 1st, 2017 four locations have fully implemented the managed print program.  This includes the School of Osteopathic Medicine, the Saidoff Center, the Mabee Library, and the new Student Center.  

Future updates to this page will include a University wide schedule.  The goal is to move all departments and schools to the managed print program over the course of the school year.  All departments and schools will be completed no later than May of 2018.

Implementation Process:  Dahill and IRD will schedule a walk through and meeting with each school/department.  This effort will seek to understand the volume of print, locations, special needs, and other items that will go into the acquisition of new printers.  Dahill will make a recommendation to the school/department leadership and IRD on model types and optimal locations.  Upon agreement of this plan the devices are ordered, installation is scheduled, and a training session is schedule for staff members.  


Some users may have printers already installed and may have large amounts of toner in storage.  The University will address these printers on a case by case basis.  In some cases printers may be donated, sent to recycling, disposed of in other ways, or in certain select cases allowed to remain in use for limited periods of time. 


All Banner print scenarios have been successfully tested on all the Xerox printers.  


Existing desktop scanners such as a Fujitsu ARE NOT part of the managed print program.  While users can scan from the Xerox devices, power users may find retaining the desktop scanner is a better option.


In addition to the secure release mentioned above it is important to note that no copies or residual information is left on the print device.  After each print/copy/scan the data is erased.  Additionally every evening the device performs a low level format of the data storage area to ensure there is no retention of information.




This section contains written and video instructions for various components of the UIW print Program.


Connecting a Non-UIW PC to the UIW Print program

Connecting a Mac (UIW and non UIW) to the UIW Print Program

Using UIW Web Print functionality printed instructions OR video instructions

How to update default printer properties:  printed Mac instructions, PC instructions OR Mac video, PC video

How students add money to their UIW Print Account printed instructions OR video instructions

How to operate the touch screen on the UIW Print devices video

How to obtain service on a UIW Print device video