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Theses, Doctoral Projects and Dissertations

Deadlines & Reminders

Deadlines for submitting scholarly work for format review:

  • Spring Graduation - March 15
  • Summer Graduation - June 1
  • Fall Graduation - October 15

If the due date falls on a weekend, the submission is due the next regular weekday. Format review may take up to three weeks, depending on the volume of submissions. Student work submitted after the deadlines may not be reviewed in time to meet the graduation deadlines established by the UIW Registrar. View the Academic Calendar for graduation deadlines.

 Review these steps before you submit your thesis, doctoral project or dissertation for format review,
  • Step 1 - Review writing resources and formatting, submission, and copyright guidelines. 

    Format review verifies that a document is formatted according to the editorial style standards of the student's academic discipline and all additional UIW style requirements. Prior to submitting for format review, ensure all writing issues are resolved in consultation with writing professionals at the Graduate Writing Center.

    • Writing Support for Graduate Students is located in Mabee Library, Room 238. Writing development specialists are available to help with all aspects of the writing process. In-person and online assistance is available to UIW master's, doctoral, and professional students, and to UIW faculty members. To schedule an appointment with a writing specialist, go to https://uiwtx.mywconline.com/ or click on this email to contact the Graduate Writing Center: gradwriting@uiwtx.edu.

    • View the Preparing and Submitting Documents instructions below and visit the Copyright, Publication & Licensing page for more information on preparing and submitting your document.  

    • Refer to the Editor's List* for contact information for independent editors. *Note: This list of professional editors is provided for informational purposes only and does not imply an endorsement of any editor nor a promise or guarantee of quality of any editor’s work. The use of editorial services is entirely at the student’s discretion. 

    • Have questions or concerns about any aspect of the document formatting and publication process? Contact the Coordinator of Theses, Doctoral Projects and Dissertations.  

  • Step 2 - Submit your scholarly work for format review after your defense.

    Students submit their scholarly work for deposit into The Athenaeum, UIW's institutional repository of scholarly work; dissertations must also be deposited into the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global database using UIW's . All students should be aware of format review deadlines. Format review of a thesis, doctoral project or dissertation must be completed and approved by the Director of Graduate Studies before students can be granted a degree.

  • Step 3 - Close your IRB protocol. 

    Go to the Human Subjects Research home page and follow the instructions for closing your research protocol. Research protocols must be closed before any degree can be granted. The home page URL is here: http://uiw.edu/orgs/research/compliance/irb.html. 

  • Step 4 - Complete the Survey of Earned Doctorates (PhD students only).

    If you are completing a research doctorate, go to https://sed-ncses.org, the National Science Foundation’s Survey of Earned Doctorates. The graduation date will be May, August, or December (plus the year), the same date you place on your dissertation title page. 

Preparing and Submitting Documents

Theses, doctoral projects and dissertations submitted for deposit (publication) into the university library's repository of scholarly works, The Athenaeum, must be carefully and completely formatted according to UIW and discipline style requirements. Select the appropriate category below for more detailed instructions on the document formatting and submitting process.  

  • What kinds of student work must be submitted for format review?

    All students who write a thesis, doctoral project or dissertation as partial fulfillment of their degree requirements must submit an electronic copy into The AthenaeumThe Athenaeum is the university repository of scholarly work, supported and maintained by the Mabee Library. Dissertation writers, in addition, must use UIW's ProQuest Administrator tool to deposit a copy of their dissertation into the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global database.

    The policies governing theses, doctoral projects, and dissertations are presented in the Graduate Bulletin in Chapter IV, "Master's Degree Requirements," and Chapter V, "Doctoral Degree Requirements." Be aware of policies regarding

    • the formation and composition of committees,
    • student and faculty member responsibilities,
    • deadlines, and
    • the document submission and review process.
  • Document preparation instructions, guides, and templates 

    Style guides present formatting and deposit guidelines for theses, doctoral projects and dissertations. These student documents must be sent to UIW's institutional repository, The Athenaeum, and dissertations must also be deposited into the  ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global database. Adherence to the appropriate style guide ensures that a student's work is prepared correctly and ready for deposit into one or both of these repositories.

    Click on the style guide for your program to open or download. Click on Page Templates to download templates separately.

    • Thesis Guide--Nutrition
    • Page Templates


  • How to submit your document for format review and publication

    Summary of Document Submission Requirements

    Students must prepare electronic documents for review and publication; do not make print copies. When ready for review, submit documents to The Athenaeum. 

    University of the Incarnate Word requires all  student scholarly work to be completely and correctly formatted prior to deposit into The Athenaeum and, for dissertations, into ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global database.

    The student document must be formatted according to discipline publication standards and all additional UIW formatting requirements.

    The review conducted by the Coordinator of Theses, Doctoral Projects and Dissertations is a format review, not a content or grammar review. The student and committee are entirely responsible for the document content, citation integrity, writing mechanics, and adherence to IRB protocol.

    When your document is ready Use this address, http://athenaeum.uiw.edu/to begin the process of sending your document to The Athenaeum.

    Only electronic copies are accepted for format review. Do not make print copies. Here is how to submit your document for review:

    1. Click on The Athenaeum link and sign in. First-time users: Follow the instructions for creating a password protected account.
    2. Locate Author Corner on The Athenaeum home page  and click on Submit Research.
    3. Choose your document type (either Theses & Dissertations or Doctor of Nursing Practice).
    4. Read and consent to the submission agreement.
    5. Complete all sections of the submission form. Note: Under Author entry, do not enter your student email address; instead, enter a permanent email address. The Athenaeum system will send periodic reports to you about who is reading your work and where they accessed your work, and you will want to continue to receive those reports after graduation.
    6. To complete the submission, upload the full text of the thesis, doctoral project or dissertation and select the "Submit" button.

    The thesis, doctoral project or dissertation must be completely and correctly formatted in accordance with university formatting requirements for scholarly presentation and publication standards. The standards are defined in the style guides for the various document types. Page Templates are available to help in the formatting task.

  • Important document submission deadlines
    Deadlines for submitting finished theses, doctoral projects and dissertations to the Office of Research and Graduate Studies for format review:

    March 15, for graduation in May

    June 1, for graduation in August

    October 15, for graduation in December

    If a submission due date falls on a weekend, the submission is due the following Monday.

    Allow at least three weeks for format review to be completed. 

    Student work submitted after the deadlines may not be reviewed in time to meet the graduation deadlines set by the UIW Registrar. View the Academic Calendar for deadlines and other important information.

    Reminder: All research protocols must be closed before a student can graduate. For information on the IRB closure process, visit the Office of Research Development's Human Subjects Research Institutional Review Board page.